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API Management

Understanding the Basics of API management


API Management Statistics




What is API Management

An API (Application Programming Interface) is the bridge connecting and integrating all of the data, applications, and devices used by a company’s employees, partners, and customers. API management, then, is how organizations create, publish, catalog, and analyze the APIs they use. An organization needs to ensure that its API management solutions can guarantee that the public and internal APIs it relies on are secure and usable.

Why Should an Organization Leverage an API Management Platform?

An API management platform is a crucial part of an API management effort. With an API management platform, organizations can:

  • Streamline data sharing between various software tools.
  • Securely share data between trading partners, stakeholders, developers, and users.
  • Make it easy to create new assets and APIs quickly.
  • Allow users to optimize and build onto an existing interface(s) in response to new developments.
  • Curate a more seamless experience for users and customers.
  • Protect the backend of online service(s) or application(s) by acting as a proxy for incoming customer requests.
  • Ensure services won’t get taken down on account of too much pressure on the backend server by limiting the number of queries a customer can submit.
  • Keep a running record of customer queries, pain points, and successes and use them to improve and expand on the API management services a company offers.
  • Autonomously monitor anomalies and identify threats or fraud in real-time, allowing technicians to take quick action.

Digital transformation requires an ecosystem that promotes agility, collaboration, and security. APIs are the critical links within that ecosystem. For an organization to remain competitive in a changing landscape, it needs to embrace the benefits and functionalities of API management software.


Develop, Launch, and Maintain API Management Services

With the right API management tools, organizations can dramatically reduce the cost of API management, generate revenue faster, and seamlessly synchronize data across on-site devices, cloud-based colocation data centers, and any outside enterprises or users.


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